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The known world can be divided into two camps: Those who are familiar with podcasting and those who arenít.
If you are podcast-iTunes-iPod-MP3 literate, you know what to do .Just click here to access and subscribe to Bird Dogs Forever—The Podcast.
Now if you are a member of the overwhelming number of people who are not podcast literate, (aka the great unwashed) let me make it easy and painless for you to get on board. I am 69 years old and I learned this last week. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
Go online and using your web browser click on this link:

Download and install iTunes on your computer - makes no difference whether it is a Mac or a PC. Once it is installed, click here to launch iTunes and access the Bird Dogs Forever Podcast page.

What will happen then is you will see a listing of the Bird Dogs Forever Podcasts and you simply click on each of them and they will download into your computer. Then you have them on your hard drive and you can enjoy them at your leisure. Then if you have an iPod or video-capable MP3 player, you can take it with you wherever you go.
When you subscribe, you make it possible for your computer to download each podcast whenever it is released - you wonít have to remember to look for it, it will find you.
So what does the future hold? PLENTY!
First of all, we will provide a wide variety of Bird Dogs Forever television shows. And then we will do more. We will create new shows; we already have several hours of raw video about "Lesser Grouse." That is what I have named an upcoming series that will feature Blue Grouse, Sage Grouse, and Columbian Sharptail Grouse. These shows will not just be the hunting, but will feature wildlife biologists describing the ecology, life cycle and future of these less frequently hunted grouse.
Enough said, letís roll.


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