If you are a bird hunter, you know that a hunt isnít really a hunt unless you have the companionship and services of a well-trained hunting dog. Whether you call them bird dogs, gundogs, or hunting dogs, they all do our bidding and they are our friends. They may be pointers, setters, versatiles, spaniels or retrieversóthey all do the same thing: They make the bird hunt successful and add to the overall enjoyment. Many bird hunters say they enjoy the dog work even more than the bagging of the bird. This website is for you. We have the most complete listing of kennels that raise fine gun dogs on the internet.

Four things are needed for a successful bird hunt: A dog, a gun, access to hunting ground and birds on that ground. At Bird Dogs Forever we provide the means for our visitors to find a gundog of their choice and find a place to hunt. The gun is your responsibility and when your bird dog locates a bird, your bird huntís success depends on you, the bird hunter. Your gundog has done his part and the rest is up to you. For your hunting dog to make a retrieve requires that you, the bird hunter, successfully drop the bird. To assist the bird hunter in finding access to hunting ground or shooting practice, we have listed nearly a thousand such locations for bird hunters to go in order to find their quarry. Say you want to go to North Dakota and want to hunt pheasants, sharptail grouse, and huns. Just click on the appropriate state and birds you want to hunt and you will find listings of places to go.

We would like to thank Chris Hageseth for the opportunity to take over what he started and hope that we will be able to carry on with the passion and vision that he had when he created this website. My wife and I will be adding more Canadian content to give hunters in the United State more insight to bird hunting in British Columbia where we live as well as the rest of Canada.

I started hunting upland birds and waterfowl 50 years ago with my father who was an avid bird hunter. Growing up on Vancouver Island in the 1960ís and 1970ís I had the opportunity to hunt both blue and willow grouse at a time when their population was high and bag limits were very liberal. My first bird dog was an English Springer who was keen but had a mind of his own. Labradors came in to my life in 1972 with my first chocolate lab which at that time were quite rare. Since that time I have never been without Labradors. My wife and I currently live in Princeton B.C. and own Whiterobin Kennels. The upland bird hunting in our area is quite diverse with three species of grouse, chuckerís, Hungarians, Quail and some pheasant. --Steve White

Steve and Cindy White
P.O. Box 850
Princeton BC VOX 1WO

There is a bit of a glitch with updating the destinations and adding new kennels, so check back soon if you would like to add your information. Thank You.

Steve White